Important Info. regarding Soccer Seeding 2019

To Athletic Director

Dear AD’s

If your school participates in Soccer during the Winter Season of Sport,  then please read this e mail and the attachment.  -click for Attachment! 

Please pass this information on to your coaches as well by forwarding them this e mail.

1.      Last day to opt out of play-offs:  2-7-18 or you may be seeded in

2.      Last allowed contest: 2-8-18:  All regularly scheduled games and make ups must be completed by that date and reported to max preps by Friday evening.

3.      In order for games to count for play off points, they must be full length games, 40 minute halves and 80 minute game time.  If  your teams played in a tournament and the games were not full length then it this must be reported to Kevin Askeland or myself so the play off points can be corrected.

I am aware of the following tourneys and game length.  Please let me know if this is incorrect:

a.      Foothill winter warm-up, both boys and girls are full length

b.      Live oak Boys tourney-Full length

c.      Shasta boys tourney-Full Length

d.      Oroville girls tourney-Full Length

e.      Yuba City Tourney-Not full length-25 min halves?

f.       Garces Tourney Tourney-Full length

g.      Red Bluff Tourney-Full Length

h.      Nevada Union Tournament Nov. 30 and Dec 1-Not Full length

i.       Other?  Please contact me with corrections

4.      League Reps-they will be representing the teams of all six leagues during the seeding process.  If coaches have any input they need to contact their league rep before Feb. 9th.

SRL/EAL-Claudio Martinez

Butte View League-Jess Barajas/Lazaro Garcia

Mid Valley League-Jose Cano

Northern Athletic-Brian Nichols and Susan Romero

Sac Valley- Mike Owen

Westside League-Jessica Johnson and David Gnseda

5.    SUPER CRITICAL:   The initial play off points will be posted on the section web site soon if everyone gets their MAXPREPS updated.  THE PLAY-OFF POINTS ARE BASED ON THE INFORMATION (w/l/t) ENTEREDD INTO MAX PREPS.  PLEASE UPDATE YOUR W/L/T RECORDS  If you see an error please notify myself or Kevin Askeland immediately so that it can be corrected.

6.      Please note-the seeding meeting this year is on February 9 at FHS admin building.  The time is 2:30 pm due to conflicts with seeding basketball on the same day. The general meeting will precede the seeding meeting and start at 1:30.

Respectfully Submitted,
Troy Wellington
Athletic Director-Foothill High
Soccer Committee Chair-Northern Section