Football Advisory Meeting 2-7-18 @ Red Bluff HS Dist. Office. 9:00 a.m. - Agenda and Documents


See below for Agenda and Documents.  Make sure to send any items you'd like to add asap.  Remember, this is a Guidelines year, so we have opportunity to discuss them thoroughly.  However, as you know how things move along, let's really focus on the areas we been focusing on first, then move forward as opportunity/time allow.  MAKE SURE to have read over the Guidelines, (below), BEFORE our meeting so we can address items quickly and efficiently.
Our focus will be threefold:
  • League/Divisional Playoff Issues
  • Central Venue
  • Playoff Seeding Committee process
We'll also have the opportunity to discuss ALL Football Guidelines, and we'll have the opportunity to discuss the future process of League Realignments (initial discussion).
Please take the time to go over attachments and come prepared to grow our sport!
See you soon!
Orlyn L Culp II
Red Bluff Union High School
NSCIF FB Advisory Chair