Baseball and Softball All Star Games, 2018

To: North Section Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Media

This letter is to encourage your involvement in the planning process leading to our annual high school all-star baseball and softball games on Saturday, June 9th, in Chico’s Hooker Oak recreation complex.  The seven inning girl’s game will be at 11 a.m. and the nine inning boy’s game will be at 3 p.m.

Each team will be composed of 18 graduating seniors and our hope is that each school will nominate at least one girl and one boy for selection consideration.  All-star head coaches and their assistants will come from the same geographical areas.  The North will draw its coaches and players from Red Bluff to the Oregon border while the South will pick from schools south of Red Bluff to the Yuba City- Marysville area.

We are accepting nominations for all-star head coaches through February 16th, 2018.  Final choices will be announced by the club in January.  Head coaches are encouraged to choose up to four assistant coaches.  Please email nominations for coaches to or mail to Bill Padula at 56 Skymountain Circle in Chico CA, 95928.

We will be distributing player nomination forms in February.  Please plan to have all player nominations to the committee no later than May 1st 2018.  Nominees will be screened by the club and any all-star coaches who want to be involved in the selection in early May.

In the past, a few of the Yuba City and Maysville schools in the Sac Joaquin section have been included in the all-star game, however they have their own all-star game and will not be included this year.  This will help bring greater balance between the number of participating schools in the South and North.

Best Regards,

Tavis Beynon

All-star Baseball Chairman or mail to Bill Padula at 56 Skymountain Circle in Chico CA, 95928.