State CIF News Letters & Announcements

California High School Sports Participation at All-Time High for Seventh Consecutive Year   

StateCIF Parents Newsletter - Summer 2019

StateCIF Announces New Executive Director - Ron Nocetti

Federated Council - Spring Newsletter, 2019

March 2019 State CIF Newsletter - Proposed ByLaws

Parent Newsletter: Sportsmanship, Positive Sport Parenting class

The "Arms Race" in High School Sports - Author, Roger Blake 2/2019

Roger Blake - State CIF Executive Director to Retire, 2019 

Verde Design Signs on as Official Exterior Athletic Facility Design and Engineering Firm of the CIF

February 2019 State CIF Newsletter 

StateCIF Statement of Playoff Sportsmanship Expectations

Sept. 2018 StateCIF Newletter 

Parents -eNewsletter - Heat Illness/Spirit of Sport Awards 2018-19

Coaches - eNewsletter - Heat Acclaimation, 2018

State CIF Directors Newletter/Update

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February, 2018 

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NSCIF June 2017 newsletter