State Wrestling Officials Nomination Application 2017-18

Potential State CIF Wrestling Officials:  The process is as follows:  Click here for State Cofficil's Nomination Form 

  1. Officials Associations was sent the application electronically from the Section Office.
  2. Associations will forward the application to qualified officials, who will then complete the form and submit it electronically back to their respective associations.
  3. The associations will email the completed applications to the Section Commissioners for review.
  4. If possible, the Section Commissioner should sign the form electronically.
  5. The Section Commissioner will e-mail the approved application to Duane Morgan.
  6. If an official wants to send in a DVD of themselves officiating, to be evaluated, they can send that directly to Brian Seymour at the State CIF Office.

 To allow for the selection committee to view these nominated officials on the mat, completed applications are due by December 1, 2017.

 The top 10 officials from last years’ state meet need not apply and their names are below:

                         Mike Perez-Southern                          Bob Edmonds-San Francisco

                        Randy Hartman-Southern                   Cory Salmon-North Coast

                        Ken Gaudreau-Sac-Joaquin                Mark Hayes-North Coast

                        Abram Ross-Central Coast                 Rob Alleman-Southern                      

                        Mike Harr- Central Coast                   Rick McKinney-Central


The selection committee will meet the first Sunday in February to make the selections and officials will be notified soon after.