Dear AD’s/Principals/Soccer Coaches/League Reps/League Presidents

This is a follow up reminder that the NSCIF soccer seeding meeting for play-offs is on Saturday Feb. 11 2017 @ Foothill High School main office staff room @ 9 am.

Each leagues Reps are expected to be present for the meeting in order to seed the teams as accurately as possible.

Reps last listed for each league (please review and advise me of corrections):


Kenny Breedlove

Claudio Martinez


Jose Cano

? second rep


Mike Owen

Tony Longoria?


Jesse Barajas

?second rep


Jessica Bynum

? second rep

NAL-Should be two reps……but I have 3 listed since U-prep joined NAL…..can the NAL clarify this for me

Brian Nichols

Andrew Fisher or Gavino Munoz

Athletic Directors and coaches:
If the seeding meeting is to go smoothly and accurately then please double check the following items.

1.     Opt out date-today, Feb 9, 2017-contact section office

2.    Last Allowed Contest is Friday Feb 10th.  At this time this has not been change. 

3.    Tie breaker rules for league finish just in case two teams in the same league have the same league record.  The league must declare a which team has the higher seed using a league tie breaker.  Otherwise it is at the discretion of the committee.

4.    Max preps totally up to date-Enter Friday scores as quickly as possible since Kevin Askeland will need them to up-date the paly off points.   This is critical.  The committee correct seeding order for play-offs is limited by the correct information at hand.   The committee cannot go back and change seeding order on Monday after the fact due to some erroneous information or lack of correct data.   

5.    Check with your league reps and make sure they have all the correct information.  If there is an error on max preps or on the play-off points please make sure it gets corrected by contacting your league rep and advising them of the issue. 

Remember, your league reps work hard trying seed teams as accurately as possible but they can only work with the information provided by your coaches records.

Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.
Troy Wellington

Athletic Director-Foothill High

NSCIF Soccer Advisory Committee Chair