#MyReasonWhy Campaign

August 12, 2019

Several years ago, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) launched the #MyReasonWhy campaign. The intent behind it was to demonstrate why we (student-athletes, coaches, administrators, parents and fans) are all involved in high school sports. We are asking for your help to re-launch this campaign and to hopefully flood social media with why education-based athletics is so impactful on our lives. Please encourage your student-athletes, coaches and administrators, parents and fans to post a statement, or ideally a brief video, to the various social media platforms describing why they are involved in high school sports. It is key that they tag it with #MyReasonWhy #CIFState and #NSCIF so we can track the posts.

Ten years from now many of our student-athletes will return to their high school campuses for their class reunions. The majority of them will not talk about the championships that they won or their individual accolades but the journey they went on with their teammates, coaches and school communities. They will share stories and memories of their high school experiences. – the bus rides and comradery. We, as the adults, have the power to influence these future stories. We have the ability to transform the lives of young people so that one day they show up to their reunions to relive these stories with teammates and coaches. They return as the adults ready to show the next generation the true meaning of high school sports – the lifelong friendships and the connections created with an entire community of support.


Thank you for your support of this initiative.


Northern Section, CIF/Liz, Kyle, Commissioner                                                  

Ron Nocetti, CIF Executive Director